Came in for lunch, left with a bike
Ed, Nikki, Not sure how many this is at this point but it was another, quick, accurate, pressure free and painless purchase. This is the second time I went in for something and left with a bike. Last time it was chap stirrups for the wife and left with CVO. I just came in for lunch. Nikki is very sharp and very knowledgeable(as you know, I mean she's been selling harley since they named dirt) and was able to help a hommie get some better financing. My only fear now is picking it up and getting out of there without taking half your parts inventory with me. However I do know where to get parts I can't find, if Lee can't find it it don't exist. That man knows how to help you spend your parts budget wisely, quickly, but wisely(it's the beard). Again Ed great team, even the new finance person crushed it. Extremely thorough, accurate, very pleasant, very informative and put the finishing touches on an all around excellent experience. Thanks again! William Beaulieu (Employee: Nikki Smith)
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William Beaulieu
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